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Dar Zeytuna


By creating a unique house the project Dar Zeytuna acts as a social and autonomously managed centre aiming to develop democracy and empower Syrian women women. The activity is an extension and a development of the initial Zeytuna Project born in May 2014 implemented by Mandat International In Reyhanli,  and financed by UNDEF, the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF).  

Turkey is today the largest country for Syrian refugees in the region: there are nearly two million Syrians. This number is expected to reach 2.5 million people by mid of 2016 (according to the regional plan for refugees and resilience (3RP) which was developed to meet the humanitarian needs of the Syrians in this conflict).

During two years, Zeytuna has created a capacity building programme for about a hundred Syrian women currently refugees in Turkey in the city of Reyhanli, with the goal of increasing Syrian women’s opportunity to fully participate in the democratic, economic and reconstruction processes during the post-conflict period. These women acquired the knowledge and developed the needed skills through three training courses that were provided to them during the Zeytuna Project. They developed projects intended to turn them into active citizens for the reconstruction of their country and to serve as a source of inspiration to other Syrian women.  The founding purpose of the Association Dar Zeytuna is to help the participants to ensure the sustainability of their projects and their results and bring together in one house some of the projects developed by the women during the initial phase The centre will help the participants to ensure the sustainability of their projects by providing a common area where they will be able to share a number of resources (human, material and financial) both empowering them as well as inspiring other Syrian women to conduct similar spin-off projects.to continue to work on existing projects designed by the participant women.